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    • Q1. What is the difference between energy storage and energy feeders?2017-10-12 View details

      The energy storage type is to store electrical energy in the equipment, and the elevator uses electricity to release it. It has nothing to do with the power grid. The energy feed is fed to the power grid, and the installation and use need to be put on record by the power department. And the energy fed by the feedback generates harmonics that will pollute the power grid. In addition, the energy fed energy saved by feedback to the grid, how much energy saving can not be investigated. It is worth mentioning that the energy storage saver can also act as an emergency power supply under the condition of unexpected power failure, so that it can act as an emergency power supply to make the elevator flat, open the door and improve the safety of the elevator.

    • Q2. What is the principle of your electric appliance?2017-10-12 View details

      Because the elevator car will have passengers entering, the quality of the car and the heavy block will be different, resulting in the existence of potential energy difference. The potential energy difference sometimes requires the traction machine to make the work to make up, and sometimes it will make the traction machine generate electricity. The electric energy generated by the traction machine is consumed by the discharge resistance of the elevator in the form of heat energy, which is a waste in itself. The lifts elevator appliance is first to release the electrical energy generated by the electric power generation, and the elevator will be released when the elevator is used.

    • Q3. How do you work with your company?2017-10-12 View details

      We are currently on the two main ways: 1, agency cooperation, your company has the entity, in the energy-saving products of local operations elevator sales and installation work, we can according to your company use the resources and funds are willing to invest, to give different levels of agent cooperation. 2. When operating to a certain influence, a joint venture can be established to jointly own the brand of tlida and maximize the comprehensive benefits.

    • Q4. 用穩利達電梯節電器有什么好處?2017-10-12 View details

      At present, the more energy saving way used in the market is energy saving elevator energy saving, that is, using a grid connected inverter, the charging power of the DC side of the converter can be transformed into the alternating current that can be connected to the grid, and the potential energy of the motor and the counterweight block can be fed back to the power grid. This scheme is difficult to achieve, plus a lot of defects, and is being phased out by the market. From the current market, many of the elevators that have already installed the over - fed energy saving devices are ready to use the current scheme we provide.

    • Q5. How is your service?2017-10-12 View details

      It is equipped with a unified customer service center, which can provide comprehensive technical support and service. Tlida specializes in setting up customer service center, equipped with professional and technical technicians to provide comprehensive and comprehensive technical support and service for users. In any time you meet any problem, you can contact the customer service center of tlida. In the first time, tlida will solve the problem for you.

    • Q6. The principle of energy saving elevator?2017-10-12 View details

      Elevator, the elevator car and counterweight block potential difference, potential difference or need to provide power, or renewable power back to the inverter DC side, it is by saver will store the energy recovery, when the elevator need the power will be the release of stored energy to the inverter DC side, realize energy regeneration process the.

    • Q7. What support can the manufacturer provide for the sale of the agent?2017-10-12 View details

      1 special personnel training and guidance, product training 2 times, on-site installation and commissioning training 2 times, to assist in the use of existing resources to complete 10 sales.
      2 in the area, the customer meets the price pressure, the manufacturer is aware of the actual situation, gives the special price support, and ensures the agent's profit.
      3 to provide a complete set of product promotion program to assist the agent to complete the promotion and promotion of the regional market.
      4 area customer information sharing, the customer inquires the manufacturer, can share the information with the dealer, the exclusive agent can enjoy the information alone.

    • Q8. Is your elevator energy saving system safe?2017-10-12 View details

      The elevator electricity saver is connected to the bus end of the inverter, and the energy absorption is completed before the brake unit action, instead of the original braking resistor, it does not take part in the elevator operation. If the power saver is damaged, the braking resistor will continue to work without affecting the safety of the elevator. In addition, the elevator safety appliance of the elevator has been identified by the National Elevator Inspection Center. The elevator's running and stationary state, the destructive test of short circuit and open circuit for the elevator electric saver does not affect the normal operation of the elevator.

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