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    Project Report
    The elevator energy saving plan report is the main reference material provided to customers for their final decision. It not only represents a company's professional service level, but also ensures the integrity and accuracy of project information in the process of transmission. Her quality has a direct impact on the customer's confidence in US and our image in the eyes of our customers. This requires us to make a satisfactory solution for the actual problems of our customers when making, so that we can fully understand the significant economic benefits of the implementation of the electricity saving project. A good "elevator energy saving project report", should let the customer see understand: why, how to transform the energy saving transformation, investment and project report how customer concerns, so that customers agree with our proposed scheme is effective, and ultimately achieve the purpose of successful signing with customers.

    The content and structure of the standard
    A successful report on the elevator energy conservation programme must include the following:
    1. Preface: to analyze the necessity of electricity saving to customers from a macro point of view.
    2. An overview of the electricity consumption of the customer elevator: the key description of the problems in the use of the customer elevator and the reasons for the energy saving transformation
    3. Introduction of elevator electric appliances: the principle and characteristics of the electricity saving products which are selected according to the status of the customers' electricity use are mainly introduced.
    4, elevator energy saving transformation plan description: detailed introduction of energy saving transformation implementation steps, implementation time, power saving effect inspection methods and Power Saver installation methods.
    5, electricity saving benefit analysis: according to the expected rate of electricity saving, the direct economic and indirect benefits brought by the electricity saving reform are analyzed.
    6, service commitment: detailed introduction of our after-sales service system to customers
    7. Attached power saving effect checklist, transformation circuit diagram, etc.

    Both technology and benefit
    The implementation of energy-saving elevator to customers operating conditions will have a significant impact on customers is an important thing, so eventually by each department joint decision-making, which requires us to make "elevator energy saving plan report" is considered from the global customers, not only to fully explain the feasibility of the project in technology but, to let customers know that after the implementation of the project brings a good economic benefit, the only way to mobilize the enthusiasm of the customer decision-making.
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