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    The leadership of the national quality inspection bureau arrives at the guidance of a tour guide to encourage the research and development of elevator energy saving technology

    Release time:2017-10-26
    Recently, the leadership of Dr. Wang Weiguo and Wang Changming, director of the State Quality Supervision Bureau, visited and instructed the company. Accompanied by Zhang Taohui, general manager of steady Lida and vice general manager Wang Chunyang, Wang Wei and his delegation visited the company first, and then heard the report of the power saving system of the stationary energy storage elevator. After hearing the report, Wang Weiguo highly praised the energy saving scheme of the stationary energy storage elevator. He hoped that he would continue to grasp the general trend of the development of the national energy saving and emission reduction industry, and speed up the successful transformation of all kinds of special energy-saving technologies.
    In recent years, the state has been advocating energy saving and emission reduction for enterprises, and has issued a series of supporting policies, giving subsidies to enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to energy saving and emission reduction. Tlida has also been used to the national requirements, increasing the energy conservation and emission reduction technology of elevators, and took the lead in the energy saving system of energy storage elevator in the industry.
    Compared with the feedback energy saving system used by the elevator in the past, the energy saving system of energy storage elevator has obvious advantages. It is known that the energy saving efficiency of the feedback energy saving system is only 2% because of the low efficiency of energy recovery and the saving of energy. Due to the discontinuous energy saving of the feedback elevator and the large fluctuation of energy supply and energy, it will cause the fluctuation of the electric network current and cause frequent failures of the elevator. The energy storage type elevator energy-saving system is very good to avoid the short board, it will consume the energy storage braking resistor, and the energy saving rate is as high as 35%, and energy storage type electric lift Saver absorption from the DC side, no harmonic source from the principle of avoiding failure, greatly to enhance the safety of the elevator operation.
    In this regard, Dr. Wang Weiguo, the leader of the State Quality Supervision Bureau, highly praised the energy saving scheme of the energy storage elevator proposed by the company. He said that the feedback of elevator energy saving in the industry does not encourage nor prohibit, but in the context of national austerity cuts, enterprises should increase to accelerate the development of energy-saving emission reduction technology, continuously improve the performance and quality of products in the market at the same time, application scale, continuously reduce costs.
    In addition, Wang Weiguo and other leaders also pointed out that the state's subsidies and support are phased. Enterprises should focus more on the improvement of market competitiveness and develop cost-effective products.

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